06 Dec 2016

Technical Partners

Please find information regarding the LMA's technical partners below:


Football Performance Analysis Solutions - Uncover The Key Performance Metrics to Help Your Team Succeed. 

As the world’s leading sports data and technology company, STATS powers sports. We are trusted by more than 800 clients around the globe to enhance fan engagement and maximize team performance by analyzing sports data from more than 100,000 games a year with unrivaled speed and accuracy. We power sports on and off the field through data feeds, video analysis, sports content and research, player tracking through STATS SportVU®, and customizable digital solutions.

As the Official Technical Partner to the League Managers Association, STATS hope to add further value to the LMA’s objectives and maximise the opportunities, resources and skill-sets to create an exceptional partnership.

STATS has a variety of solutions suited to the needs and budgets of football clubs operating at all levels of the professional game. Whether you are just starting out with video analysis and analytics or require advanced player tracking, STATS can help your team perform better and win more games.

Website: www.stats.com

Player LENS

Player Lens Limited brings a technological solution to the football industry to facilitate the movement of players in the loan market. Working in conjunction with a premier technology provider, the founding partners have leveraged their backgrounds in financial markets, law, and their network established in the football industry to deliver a first class solution and ground breaking platform to empower and service football clubs to control the loan movement and understand the development of players across the professional league structures.

Accessible via android and apple to all smartphones and tablets, Player LENS offers football clubs a cutting edge solution for placing, searching and requesting players for loan transfers. An intuitive, user-friendly interface provides a smooth, wireless solution. Client confidentiality is vital. The Player LENS database is protected by secure log in, data integrity and AES encryption. The exchange, powered by Opta, is data-rich with regard to all of the registered players across the English football pyramid including the U21 League. In addition to supporting the exchange's functional capabilities, performance data from Opta, both current and historic, will be made available to clubs to assess the available talent.

Unlike transfers, a loan transaction has a ‘life’ therefore relationships need to be formed and maintained. The player’s performance and development is key to both clubs involved and the player himself. Player LENS facilitates the communication needed between all parties to ensure that loan spell is beneficial for all parties through its ‘LENS Care’ product offering.

Website: www.playerlens.com

Email: contact@playerlens.com

Telephone: 0800 587 6660

Totum Sport

Totum Sport is the most authentic, scientifically proven hydration solution in football, which improves performance and stamina levels in all training and match day situations.

It is also the most complete recovery solution available, working with the body during performances to enhance the recovery process once game time is complete.

For more see www.totumsport.com www.cellnutrition.com or contact Founder and CEO John Kelleher john@totumsport.com