Media And PR Services

As a manager, you are constantly in the media spotlight and every element of both your professional and personal life may fall under the microscope.

The LMA has a range of services that are on offer to you:

Media strategy – defining your communications objectives especially at key times such as entering a role, exiting a role, disputes and profile interviews

Media statements and enquiries – fully managed by the LMA who can become your spokesperson and ensure you say the right thing at the right time. We can act as your own private press office so you avoid continual media enquiries

Crisis management & damage limitation – high level support for sensitive, or potentially career damaging issues that may be of a professional or personal nature

Proactive PR – ideas to increase your exposure and get your message out to the widest audience

Media advice and training – access to some of the best advice and coaches in the business

Situation review and planning – to review your PR positioning in the media and to set a medium to long term PR plan that works for you


For more information on these services, please contact
Richard Bevan on 07860 474767