Member Communication


The LMA’s Manager Representatives are the first point of call for all LMA members for information on all services and benefits offered by the LMA.

The two LMA representatives are: 

Sue McKellar (Barclays Premier League Managers)

Email Me

John Duncan (Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League 1, Sky Bet League 2)

Email Me

The LMA Manager Representatives aim to meet every manager face-to-face at least once per season. In addition, they make regular contact to members via phone and text to update on ongoing issues and are an integral part of the communication process between the LMA and its members.


The AGM is important to the LMA as it:

  • Allows the LMA CEO and Executive to communicate the corporate direction of the LMA
  • Allows the LMA CEO and Executive to highlight successes over the previous 12 months
  • Allows the members a forum to discuss and debate topics
  • Allows the review and approval of Annual Accounts
  • Allows the voting on key constitutional and other issues
  • All LMA members are encouraged to attend the LMA AGM.


The Managers’ Pre-season meetings are coordinated by The Barclays Premier League and the Sky Bet Football League.

  • The LMA has an input into the content of the pre-season meetings
  • The LMA is always in attendance at the pre-season meetings
  • The LMA is offered the opportunity to present at the pre-season meetings
  • The Manager pre-season meetings are mandatory for all current managers

The LMA runs a series of mid-season meetings for its members during February/March ever year.

The mid-season meetings are:

Open to ALL LMA members – both in and out of employment

Arranged by region not by league

Important to gain valuable mid-season feedback on footballing issues


As a representative body it is the role of the LMA to represent its members’ views in a professional and accurate way.

The LMA conducts surveys and questionnaires with its members on a ongoing basis to ensure that with regard to key issues in the game it has an up-to-date understanding of the views of its members.

Members are requested that wherever possible, they complete surveys or questionnaires as required.

Through the year, the LMA communicates directly with its members via direct mail. Direct mail insures that the LMA can send key documents or information to a members’ given address.

Members are requested to ensure that their contact information is kept up to date with the LMA.


Text and email provide another option for the LMA to communicate directly to its members. Members are requested to ensure their contact information is kept up to date with the LMA.

Email address: If a member wants a separate LMA email address one can be arranged.

Fundamental to the LMA is its role in representing the collective views of its members on the key issues in the game:

  • Mandatory coaching qualifications
  • Managers’ personal development
  • Video technology
  • Standard contracts
  • Fixture scheduling
  • Sin bins
  • Blood substitutes
  • Multi-ball system
  • Transfer window regulations
  • Agents regulations
  • Doping regulations
  • National Football Centre
  • Offside rule
  • Managers’ safety
  • Crowd abuse
  • Simulation
  • Dissent following award of free-kick
  • Technical area etiquette
  • Policy on relationship between Managers & Match Officials
  • Manager’s reporting of referees
  • Policy on Match Delegate system
  • TV monitors
  • Denial of a goal-scoring opportunity

Throughout the year the LMA will use a variety of methods, including email, text, phone call or meeting to obtain your views on football issues.


If you want an issue addressed please contact either your Manager Representative or Richard Bevan on 07860 474 767