adams had to gamble
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03 Mar 2004

When Micky Adams was trying to boost his squad last summer, ahead of what was certain to be a tough battle against relegation, he was constrained by Leicester's tight budget and had to bring in a whole host of players on free transfers.

The Foxes boss branded his new recruits 'Micky's Misfits', and while they are struggling to keep afloat - currently second bottom in the Barclaycard Premiership the manager has defended the decisions he made in the summer and is supporting the players he signed to come good.

Adams said: "I could not have done anything else. I only had a certain amount of people I could have gone for given the market I was in. I only had a certain market I could operate in with the money I had - and I don't regret any of the signings. I had to take gambles on a lot of them and some have come off to good effect but equally some haven't."

The former Brighton boss could not resist taking a thinly-veiled dig at some of his predecessors in the hot-seat over saddling the club with average players on lucrative long-term contracts, as well as insisting that Leicester need proper investment if they are to avoid yo-yoing between the top flight and the First Division.

He said: "What I haven't done is saddle this club with players on contracts that are far out of this universe. Although I might have gambled with a few of the signings, at least I've been big enough and bold enough and sensible enough in the dealings to put my hand up and get rid of them if they've not come off. I am not so sure that some of the previous managers at this football club can say that.

"I don't accept that Leicester has to be a yo-yo club. With proper investment in the team, it could be a good established Premiership side. We've got all the other parts right. We get 32,000 fans every match, the stadium and training ground are magnificent and the corporate side is terrific.

"But the one thing you've got to improve is your squad. For us to progress and not to be a yo-yo club, you need proper investment. The scenario at present is that if we get relegated in May then we will cut the wages again and we will get average players in again. They might get us promoted but then in 12 months' time we would be in another relegation battle again - and the way some people think is 'one year I'm a good manager, the next year I'm a poor manager!'"

Micky Adams

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