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Kicking off

The total number of

managerial movements

in the top four divisions

of English football

during the 2010/11

season (of which 38

were dismissals). This

is remarkably close

to the figure from the

previous season when

there was a total of

51 movements (36 of

which had been due to

dismissals). During that

season, the average

tenure of a dismissed

manager rose slightly,

but was still less than

18 months. See ‘The

Technical Area’ (on

page 44) for more.


Fans of the competing

nations in next year’s

European Championship

can apply now for tickets

through 16 separate ‘portals’

which have been set up on

the UEFA website.

Applications opened on

December 12th and will

remain open until February

29th. The tickets will be

distributed through a

lottery, with fans from each

nation guaranteed at least 16

per cent of ground capacity

for each of the group games.

euro ticket

sites open

Kicking off

news and views from the dugout

FIFA boss outlines provisional timeframe

for adoption of goalline technology

Goalline technology could be in use from

as early as next season, and will definitely

be in operation for the 2014 World Cup in

Brazil, according to recent statements made

by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Since March of this year, nine systems

have been put through a testing process

by the International Football Association

Board (IFAB). These systems have to meet

four basic requirements: that the technology

applies solely to the goalline and only to

determine whether a goal has been scored

or not; that the system must be accurate;

that the indication of whether a goal

has been scored must be immediate and

automatically confirmed within one second

and that the indication of whether a goal

has been scored will only be communicated

to the match officials (via the referee’s

watch, by vibration and visual signal).

Speaking to the German newspaper


, Blatter revealed that: “There are now

systems that combine precision, speed

and are uncomplicated. We are now in

the testing phase and the IFAB will vote

in March 2012 in London over using this

resource. If the final decision is made, it can

be used from the 2012-13 season.”

In a separate interview with the Spanish


El Mundo Deportivo

, Blatter

added: “Brazil 2014 will have technology

to avoid phantom goals. FIFA has two

good systems that meet all the demands we

set: reliability, immediacy and not being

difficult to use.”

It is believed that the two rival systems

which Blatter referred to are from the

British company Hawk-Eye and its German

technology rival Cairos.

The introduction of goalline technology would put an end

to incidents where legitimate goals are not counted, as in

the England v Germany tie in the 2010 World Cup




blatter reveals goalline technology plan