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As I write, the fate of entertainment retailer and

iconic British brand HMV hangs in the balance.

In all probability it will be sold off or pared back;

labelled just another failed business. But is it really a

failure? A multinational company that opened its first

store on Oxford St in 1921, HMV has been a reliable

presence on the UK high street ever since, surviving

far longer than many expected in the face of stiff

competition online. A failure on whose terms?

Football managers face this kind of harsh and

often illogical critique on a weekly basis. To many in

the media, success for a football club is nothing short

of being on top, all of the time, forever. To some

fans, it is beating the local opposition or surpassing

last season’s finishing position. To the club finance

director, it might be securing a big sponsorship deal

and not finishing the season bogged down by debt.

But, as psychologist Jeremy Snape argues in his

piece on page 46, the only benchmark for success and

failure can be your own. That means setting realistic

goals, deciding on a plan and then sticking to your

guns. “We only regret the risks we didn’t take because

we played it safe through fear. Not pushing for a

strategy we knew to be right or failing to have that

difficult conversation are all pivotal moments in our

success,” he says.

“At the Manager, our

philosophy is all about

leadership, insight and


, and that

can come from any type

of manager, at any level”

Sadly, many managers never get the chance to

do things their way, in business or in sport. As we

learn in our feature on page 18, surviving the first

few months in a new job is all about quick wins

and getting people on side. John Hasbro, managing

director of toy manufacturer Hasbro, Tony Mowbray

and Chris Hughton are among those sharing their

experience and tips around surviving those make-or-

break early days.

Of course, the more you understand the

requirements and expectations of a new role, the

softer your landing is likely to be. In our cover

feature, Michael Laudrup shares his experience of

joining Swansea City, a club that recruits players and

managers according to its clearly defined and long-

standing ethos. Does he think this kind of strong

philosophy is typical of the top clubs, here and in

Europe? Find out on page 14.


the Manager

, our philosophy is all about

leadership, insight and inspiration, and that can

come from any type of manager, at any level. If

you have views on the content here or think others

could learn from your experience or story, we’d love

to hear from you.


Newmanagers must

navigate some stormy

seas - page 18.

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