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Welcome to the 15th edition of the LMA’s

the Manager

magazine and welcome back

Alice Hoey as its editor. Alice was the first

editor of the magazine when we started in

2008 and we are delighted to have her as

part of our team again. With Alice, we are

building exciting plans for

the Manager


including rolling out the publication

across a range of new media platforms

later this year.

Since the last edition, we have seen a

particularly high number of managerial

dismissals across the top four leagues.

What continues to remain of deep concern

is the lack of time and opportunity

many managers are given in their roles

before being dismissed. The recent

dismissals have once again highlighted

the importance of developing strong

relationships at a football club between

the manager, chairman and directors. The

vital ingredient in those relationships is

communication. Proper communication

sets realistic goals and manages

expectations. Poor communication

creates confusion and sets the scene for

failure. The volatility in management and

coaching continues to undermine the

profession at a time when the game needs

to continue to encourage players towards

the end of their careers to stay in football.

The recent mid-season transfer window

once again produced a flurry of activity,

discussion and debate. Across the game,

views on the transfer window remain

relatively mixed, but the majority of the

LMA’s members certainly feel there needs

to be a review of the current system. The

managers are at the sharp-end of football’s

recruitment market, it is one of the most

visible and debated parts of their role, and

in its current guise it creates a period of

unnecessary intense pressure and scrutiny.

It is time Uefa fulfilled its promise of a

review, into which the LMA’s members can

play an extremely important role.

It has been six months since the LMA

relocated to St George’s Park and we have

more than settled into our new home.

During this time, the LMA and Castrol

hosted the inaugural European Managers

and Coaches Forum. This landmark,

pioneering event was supported and

facilitated by Sir Alex Ferguson and Howard

Wilkinson with the aim of creating an

environment where football’s elite could

come together to share their knowledge,

experience and future vision for the game.

We thank Castrol for their support with

this project and look forward to working

with them in the coming years and building

relationships with managers and coaches

from the leagues across Europe.

More recently, the LMA was delighted

to once again support The Prince’s Trust

and to host the LMA Managers’ Cup

for the first time at St George’s Park.

This truly engaging event brings LMA

members together with teams of young

people on Prince’s Trust programmes for

a day of football and teamwork, with the

managers each being assigned a team for

the day. The LMA’s members that took

part demonstrated the extremely positive

impact they can have on community

projects and, ultimately, in improving the

lives of young people.

As we now enter the ‘business end’ of

the season, I wish every team the very best.

Whether it be for the pursuit of silverware,

promotion or even survival, I am sure we

are in for another exciting season finale.



in management

and coaching

continues to

undermine the


Managers such as


Moyes came together

for the European

Castrol Managers

and Coaches Forum.



chief executive