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The uK is lagging behind

the rest of the world when it

comes to innovation, according

to the Thomson Reuters Top

100 Global Innovators List.

No uK company features

on the list, in which firms

are rated according to the

patents they have registered

for new technologies, drugs,

business processes, etc. The

list, topped by chemicals firm

3M, is populated largely by uS

companies (45 out of the 100),

with Japan coming second

(28) and European nations

accounting for only 22 places

between them.

Innovation matters, not

only as a means of getting one

over on the competition, but

in recruitment and retention.

According to research by

FutureStep, people now

expect their employers to

be innovative in the way they

engage and develop their

staff and many will consider

moving on to pastures new if

their employer fails to do so.

44 per cent say they are

likely to look around for

another role if innovation fails

to materialise in their job,

while two thirds would leave

for another job that offered

more innovative benefits.

72 per cent expect

employers to be innovative in

theway they develop people,

but only 36 per cent think that

their current company is.



Love it or loathe it, there's little doubt

that golf can be good for you and for


As well as providing ample

time for relationship-building and

bonding, time on the course can teach

you much more about yourself and

your fellow golfers than the average

meeting or lunch date. It reveals how

you deal with competitive situations,

problems, tension and success, how you

conduct yourselves and how well you

communicate under pressure.

If you want to show your winning side

rather than your strength in adversity,

it's worth brushing up on your driving

and putting skills. To help, here's the first

in a series of practical tips from Simon

Wordsworth, Chief Executive, Fellow of

the PGA and R&A Qualified Referee.




of employees expect their employers to be

innovative in the way they develop people



Tricky downhill putts are

usually a definite three

putt – not anymore!

Two little set-up changes

ensure two putts.


- change your

set-up to ‘dull’ the strike.

The key to playing fast

downhill putts is to create an off-

centre hit – almost a miss-strike.

Make two little changes to your

set-up to ensure the ball ‘dribbles’

down to the hole.


Grip the club lighter


Have the toe of the putter touching

the ground and the heel in the air