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A new state of the ar t pitch. Ideal for training

camps and perfectly located for all London fixtures;

train, relax and focus at London’s country estate.




Here in north London, I have the builders in. It was interesting to see how,

in the run up to the Capital One Cup final, progress was rapid, but the day

after Tottenham Hotspur's valiant defeat at Wembley it almost ground to

a halt. Such is the power of motivation – and disappointment.


e all want to win,

but keeping the fire

burning with the same

intensity, week in, week

out is a challenge for

every manager. As

Jeremy Snape explains on page 56,

psychologists now know that it is the

fear of failure that motivates most

champions far more than any desire to

win. Yet, there are clearly exceptions

to the rule. We need look no further

than the FA Cup, current and past

competitions, to see how powerful

it can be to simply want something

enough. Sometimes the underdogs'

dreams of overcoming the giants of

the game push them to achieve feats

that on paper look unfeasible at best.

But dreaming big and giving

absolutely everything, physically and

mentally, takes serious courage. We

often talk about the need for mental

resilience in order to move on from

failure and disappointment, but it is

also the psychological padding you

need to throw yourself at a challenge

without fear. When you peg all your

hopes and desires on one objective

it lifts you to where you need to be,

but also exposes you to a high and

potentially damaging fall.

Of course, for most of us there

will never be just one defining

moment in our careers; a single

achievement that propels us into the

realms of greatness. Success for a

manager, just as for a football team

or a business, comes instead from

consistently delivering the best we

can at each time and in each situation.

There'll be fits and spurts, and some

major setbacks along the way just to

keep us on our toes but, unexciting

as it sounds, success comes from

plugging away at it.

In our cover story, Stoke City's

Mark Hughes explains why consistency

runs through the very heart of his

approach to management and how he

lives out that philosophy in everything

he says and does. Go to page 12 to

read more about what this means in

practice and find out what Hughes has

learned about management over his

15-year career.

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“When you peg all

your hopes and

desires on one

objective it lifts

you to where you

need to be, but also

exposes you to a

high and potentially

damaging fall”

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