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One of the highlights for me of the LMA Annual Management Conference

in April was hearing Ben Ryan’s account of coaching the Fijian national

rugby team.

Hearing him talk of the team singing as

a form of meditation and team bonding;

of joy and laughter in the dugout; and of

all the despots and financial troubles he

had to deal with along the way brought

a colour to the role of manager you

rarely see.

But, most of all, I valued his perspective

on what he is in the job to do. “My main

objective is to get the players to a place

where I become redundant,” he said,

going on to describe the confidence

and empowerment he had nurtured in

the team and how they had learnt to

link every element of performance

back to an action or a behaviour.

It’s an approach that is mirrored

closely by England Women’s manager

Mark Sampson, who since taking on

the role in 2015 has sought to equip

his players with everything they need

to adapt and win in any situation.

“We want them to develop a strong

sense of ownership, to be able to

identify what the best thing is for

the team at any given moment and

then to take responsibility for those

decisions,” he says. “When you play like

that, it means you can be incredibly

adaptable, and whatever your opponent

throws your way, no matter what the

context is and with whatever players

you have available, you’ll come up with

the answers.”

It’s easy to forget that, at its heart,

great leadership is less about constant

overseeing of performance and more

about helping people get to a place

where they don’t need overseeing at all.

As always we welcome your thoughts

on all of the content here, as well

as suggestions of what you’d like

to see in the future. Email me at

Great leadership is less about constant

overseeing of performance and more

about helping people get to a place

where they don’t need overseeing at all

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