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The end of season provides the game

and our members with the opportunity

to reflect on the highs and lows of the

past 10 months. At our Awards Dinner,

meanwhile, we can celebrate the

achievements of those managers that

delivered to, and beyond, expectations,

earning the recognition of their peers.

Looking back over the last year, the 2017/18 season has

seen a step change for the LMA. While, traditionally, our

most visible attributes have been our outstanding legal

work and our collective voice on football issues, it is in

the area of personalised, one-to-one wellbeing support

services for our members that there have been most

significant developments recently.

We recognise that our members work in an environment

that, although rewarding, is demanding, high-pressure,

volatile and short-termist. The effects of this on health

and wellbeing can be immense, so helping our members stay

mentally and physically fit and cope with the challenges their

careers present, is our most important work.

With the valued support of the Premier League, we have

been able to invest significantly in improving every aspect

of our offering under LMA Wellness. We have invested in a

board of health professionals, led by LMA Wellness Director

Dr Dorian Dugmore, to shape our programmes. Managers

and coaches in the game now have access to an LMA team

of over 70 experts, consultants and advisors across all

areas of wellbeing and personal development.

Looking ahead, our biggest focus is in the area of mental

health. Under the LMA Institute of Leadership and High

Performance, our specialist mental and emotional

wellbeing consultants run masterclasses and workshops,

open to all managers and coaches in the game, on topics

including performance under pressure, mental toughness

and resilience, and sustaining high performance.

Mental health and resilience also forms an integral part

of our LMA Diploma in Football Management, providing

students with the skills and strategies they need to work

in the modern game.

All LMA members and their families have access to the

LMA Confidential Support Service, which is delivered

by our trusted health partners. This service comprises

a confidential support helpline and ongoing counselling,

support and advice, where necessary, and we are finding

that the service is being used more frequently and for an

ever-widening range of reasons.

We are also dedicated to raising awareness of mental

health in the football and sporting communities and, in

particular, to reducing the stigma that surrounds it. We

are working with the game’s other stakeholders to create

a Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Strategy to promote

awareness and understanding of mental health and the

resources available to those working in professional


Our intention, with the support of the Premier League, is

to build on our knowledge and experience and continue to

extend the reach and reputation of LMA Wellness. We will

also deliver a number of new initiatives, including an online

support platform, an expanded range of support services

and a team of mental health ambassadors. It is our goal to

ensure that LMA Wellness is the leading provider of health

and wellbeing services in the game.



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