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In the Manager we aim to provide broad content that covers the four tenets upon which LMA Learning is based;

You, Your Team, The Game, The Industry

. Our navigation bar at the bottom of each feature indicates which area

or areas the content applies to.


06 Kicking Off

News and numbers

08 LMA Institute

Including the LMA Leadership

Series and the Overseas

Coaching Forum

14 LMA Annual Awards 2019



Phil Neville

The England Women’s Manager

on values, discipline and


24 10 Ideas: Mentoring

54 The Life Update

The latest health facts

and figures

57 Active sitting

Tips and advice from Vitality

58 The Essentials

Gadgets and golf

63 Managing back pain

Q&A with Chiropractor

Stefaan Vossen

67 Behind the badge

Prostate Cancer UK’s Man

of Men pin

69 Paving the way for

coach development

The Football Foundation

71 Investing in communities

Carling’s Made Local campaign

74 Keeping it constant

STATS analysis

77 Fluid assets

Recovery during performance

78 Bringing opportunities

to communities

One coach shares his story

81 Parklife

The latest from St.

George’s Park

82 LMA round-up

85 Youth player development

in Mumbai

The Premier League’s first

Football Development Week

86 Just a Moment

26 Perspectives:

Performance psychology

Our experts share their views

on this fast-growing area

32 Inside job

What makes a great team


39 How to...

Deal with failure

40 From all angles

Alan Irvine on the manager-

assistant manager relationship

45 Guest column:

Richard Gillis

Leadership, in the frame

46 From another sport

Former wheelchair rugby

champion Andy Barrow

50 We’re with the brand

11:FS Founder David Brear

on ownership and

empowerment in business