19 Nov 2020


“It was an honour to be the Manager of Bristol Rovers Football Club and I would like to thank Wael Al-Qadi for offering me the opportunity to do so.

“My ambition was to build a successful and sustainable football club in line with its vision to recruit and develop young players. In recent months, I have worked tirelessly to implement huge changes at the football club, during which the average age of the playing squad was lowered dramatically, talented prospects from the Academy were developed and, alongside key members of the first team squad, those Academy players were secured on longer term contracts in order to provide stability moving forwards.

“The infrastructure of the club has been massively enhanced in terms of recruitment, performance analysis, sports science, nutrition, and medical support. One of my proudest achievements was positively influencing the layout and design of the new training ground and overseeing the team’s transition to the site in recent weeks. It is an outstanding facility that will help to improve the club’s performances over time.

“I was excited with the direction we were heading, with strong performances and results in October, combined with three wins and two draws in the previous five away matches. Therefore, I am very disappointed that my time at Bristol Rovers has come to an end. However, the future of Rovers is very bright with a number of talented young players within the squad and also talented prospects within the Academy. A strong coaching and support staff has been built that will help the club to continually progress over the coming years. An incredible amount of hard work and dedication has been put into creating a culture, an identity, and an environment from which players can continually improve and the club can now grow. I would like to thank all of the players and staff for their efforts and will be very proud to see them all go from strength to strength in the coming months and years. 

“It has been a wonderful experience managing Bristol Rovers and I have met many great people. I am excited to take on a new challenge and look forward to my next opportunity.

“I would like to wish the club, the players, the staff, and all the supporters every success for the future as they fully deserve it.”